On booking a free survey we will carry out a site visit, inspect your windows and discuss with you the works we would recommend. This will be followed up with a full written survey detailing proposed works, working methods and pricing.

We carry out a full range of sash window services ranging from draught proofing and timber repair through to full box rebuild and replacement double glazed sash’s. One of the great benefits of sash windows is that they are modular in construction. This means they are designed to be serviced from within the property and pretty much every part can be replaced. This can be particularly useful with listed buildings where costly, if you decide to repair the window instead of replace, and time consuming paperwork can be avoided if repairing the existing windows with “like for like” materials.


Our most popular service based on the recommendations of English Heritage. Regardless of the state of your windows this service will have your windows looking beautiful and operating effectively and with ease. A full refurbishment will be undertaken leaving the upper and lower sash fully usable as well the installation of our hidden draught proofing system. Unlike many of our competitors we fully scrape and sand back the box and re putty (if required) as well as include quality sash lifts and fastener at no additional cost. This service helps to eliminate rattles and draughts and as such assists in preventing heat loss and increasing your comfort. The Draught Proofing service includes;

  • Upper and lower sash’s unstuck
  • Draught proof system to be installed (weather seal machined into meeting rail as well as timber parting / staff beads with integral weather pile.
  • Sash sections machined to meet correctly (planed where required if upper sash stuck.)
  • Pulley’s serviced
  • Cords replaced
  • All new beading primed
  • Minor timber repairs to joins
  • Putty replaced where required
  • Sash stabilization if required (spring strips planted onto the side of the loose fitting units.)
  • New quality Brighton fastener & sash lifts fitted.


The sill is the lower rail of the box sash window. This tends to be a part of the window that is most susceptible to rot and damage from exposure to the weather or overflowing gutters. We will cut out the damaged sill and box stile; then lay a damp course and fit a new hardwood sill to match the existing profiles. The next step is making good any box repair, seal, cover all splices with Repair Care epoxy resin system (if required) . These repairs will then be sanded and blended in and timber work primed. If required external lower render bead will be reformed with fast curing render.


Almost all parts of the box frame can be replaced & repaired. Usually this is done when carrying out a service or installing new double glazed sash’s into existing boxes. All repairs will be made with FSC certified timber. Knots will be treated with knotting solution and the timber primed. In most cases joins (when required) will be covered with Super Finish Repair Care International epoxy resin.


We use a variety of traditional joinery methods along with modern tools and materials to repair and revive almost any damaged sash (the sash’s are the sliding timber & glass panels within the box frame. There are usually 2 :- an upper and lower.) If it’s a small spot repair we will use a proxy router to machine out the damaged timber and then apply the Repair Care International epoxy resin system. Epoxy Resin is a flexible filler that moves with the surrounding timbers natural expansion and contraction. It’s a system recommended by Heritage Specialists.

Sometimes it makes more sense economically to have a new sash designed to match the damaged one. This will typically be fitted with 4mm glass and as part of a service. It’s important that any repaired / renewed sash has its counterbalance adjusted to compensate for weight change. Failure to do so results in sash’s not closing properly and dropping when opened.


A popular service which has a significantly positive effect on comfort, energy efficiency and acoustic insulation. Drawings and measurements of existing sash’s (or original neighbouring ones) are made up detailing existing glazing configurations and horn details. These are then submitted to the joinery for new matching units to be made up designed to accept slimline glazing units. Typically, we use clear N&C slimline 4mm / argon gas / 3mm (or 4mm if toughened) with a 7mm sight line (privacy glass and other finishing available.)

Once made we will remove your existing sash’s, pulleys and weights. We will then set about restoring the original boxes and install new brass wheeled pulleys that can take the additional weighted sash’s. The new double glazed sash’s will then be installed with our hidden draught proofing system and correct lead weight counterbalance inserted. The windows will be sealed, primed and have new window furniture fitted (in a finish of your choice.) This is a much more sympathetic and cost effective solution compared to complete frame replacements.


Any serviced windows will have loose paint removed and bare wood primed. New beading and timber work installed is primed. Pins and screws are capped / filled ready for decoration. Nb. It is always worth considering putty curing times when scheduling decoration We always strive to give our clients best advice; Sash window companies that offer decoration typically us the services of use a third party. As such dispersion fees can be added and VAT applied where it might otherwise not. We are happy to give the details of local decorators and would also advise you to look on the Buy With Confidence web site for reputable tradesmen. We are happy to liaise with you / your decorator if you have any queries or questions.